Design packaging for a coffee retailer

Design a stand-up pouch for a coffee bean manufacturer.


Packaging makes an important first impression for businesses selling in brick-and-mortar stores. Clear, aesthetically pleasing packaging can influence a customer's decision for the brand of product they purchase. Well designed packaging will grab a customer's attention with unique design while providing helpful and necessary information. Your mission is to design a new logo and stand-up pouch for a coffee bean retailer making their debut into grocery stores.


Company name: "Roast & Reverie Coffee Co."
Brand style: Down-to-earth, zany, fun
Packaging style: Unique colors, bold design language, illustration optional
Extra suggestions: Focus on catching-the-eye instead of boring beans
Dimensions: Front/Back 9⅜", Left/Right 3½"
Mockups must have space for nutrition label and barcode


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Skill level:


Information architecture

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